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party_music50February 23, 2014

Sometimes I think it would be fun to go out on the net as a completely fictitious character. Maybe even start a thread where, in fun, everyone could assume a false identity and tell about themselves.

The story in my head always starts with me being a brain surgeon, or something equally impressive. :) I would probably own a yacht, be a near-scratch golfer, have a spouse who is a gourmet cook, and my house would be something I've only ever dreamed of. It would have a BIG kitchen and great dining/entertaining space! I'm not sure what gender I'd like to assume -- I haven't given that much thought. lol!

Did you ever think about doing that? Did you ever think that some people are doing that now?! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No. What would be the purpose? If you are on this site for a while you get to know the other participants. It can be a very supportive group.
There might be sites that do role playing, but it's not here.

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It was meant to be fun. Message received.

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Party Music - Fantasy can be fun and can also lead to dreams being realized (at least a bit). You can be what you want on the internet esp here. Really no one would know except you. I'm sure it has even been done by some here. You should put together a dream board for yourself. We are working on this thru the gym I go to. It's quite interesting the dreams that people have and it motivates us to make the changes we really want to make. Our dreams boards have not been just about working out and being better in that. It has been very personal goals.

So tell us about yourself, your real self I mean. I bet it would be more interesting than anything you can make up.

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I think in the past there were some people who portrayed themselves to be something they weren't. They incited sympathy and admiration depending on who the poster was.

Party, a few years ago we would tell a continuing story and it was fun! It had some hilarious parts, we should do that again.

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My daughter belongs to a site that does exactly that. You pick out an avatar that looks like you and then go on your merry way. Shop, travel, meet people. It's called Second Life. She has a high powered stressful job and finds this a way to calm down her overactive mind and not relate to her real life for an hour or so a few times a week. I've seen it and it's really amusing. The avatar wears the same clothes she does and furnished her home the same way but better lol.
I think creative people think like you. Nothing wrong with it at all. Perhaps you were misunderstood and they thought you meant in this forum which would be incorrect. You would probably like Second Life, it's a free site and loads of people belong and interact incognito. There's no harm done.

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scissors, it does seem like a pretty good way to help you figure out exactly what it is that you'd like from life.

jasdip, I saw a thread on another forum once where everyone contributed to a made-up story by adding just one sentence (or was it paragraph?) to the fictitious plot. Nobody knew where the story would take a turn. It was absolutely hilarious!!! I remember the plot starting out with a young girl heading off to her music lesson. :)

yayagal, I will check out Second Life. It sounds very cool!

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Well, not bragging, I was runner up in the Miss America pageant a few years ago. I travel frequently around the country , and the world. My children both graduated from Harvard and since have gotten more advanced degrees.

While I think maybe a few embellish their lives, on KT I think most of us are who we say. Geeze, I couldn't do that it I even had the inclination. Lies always trip people up eventually. I do recall a few sketchy stories here, but those people are no longer here.

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It would be to difficult to remember what I made up about myself, particularly at my age!

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There have been a few who have done that in the past who for the most part it caught up with them or at least the ones I know about LOL...and the ones the end up telling how fortunate they are in their lives come across as bragging and in the end people don't like them very much...so usually people keep a lot to themselves...

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I didn't get the sense at all that Party Music was alleging that anyone on KT is doing that. I read her post as a fun "imagining" one. I wouldn't have the urge to do as asked, Party, but I am sure that there are people on the (very worldwide) web that do just that.

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You see, I don't have a hope in H... of matching lily316's life. I have a very ordinary life with ordinary children and DH. Nothing special - but it works for me.

However, I would love to live in the age of Star Trek. For me, imagining meeting new species, and traveling the stars would be great. However, everyone would know I was making stuff up if I lived under that story!

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