Up light suggestions for an 18' high ceiling

zagyzebraJune 28, 2014

I have a long living room (28 ft) with high ceilings (18 ft). I'd like to illuminate the ceiling from the floor somehow with a spot, I guess. Does anyone have suggestions for lighting that would cast light to the height of my ceiling from the floor?

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Cove lighting (from ~ 8') would probably work better.

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Cove lighting is a good idea, and we even considered embedding an led strip in the length of the roof ridge beam. But in the end, these options have too modern of a look for this beautiful old gothic, church-like home.

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Does the following come close to what you want?

Here is a link that might be useful: cove lighting

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David...YES! That is exactly what I'd love to do. Except in that picture, there were all sorts of cross beams to tuck lights into, and all I have is wall space to mount lights on, which I'm not inclined to do because my living room is really gothic with a steep pitch decorative beam ceiling. Where the wall meets the ceiling is relatively low, and the thought of throwing spot fixtures up there when I've got torches for sconce lighting on the walls just seems like a strange mix. I'd like to keep it gothic. We're back to the idea of embedding an led strip in the ridge beam. If you don't want it, you don't have to use it, but at least we have some sort of option for lighting up the ceiling without putting up a bunch of modern fixtures.

That said, the store mentioned in the picture you posted from Houszz is in Torrance, and I think I'll give them a call. Torrance is relatively close to me. If you come up with any other brilliant ideas please do share!

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Crown molding with low profile led strips?

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Attach an alcove (that will span the length of the ceiling) to the ridge beam and have the lighting wash the ceiling. The lights will be hidden from view below.

It's similar to your idea.

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Another fine suggestion, David. The beam detail that meets the wall, however, is intricate. We want the intricacy of the beams to be contrasted in between by white plaster. I think, in the end, we'll do some sort of uplighting from the floor, like you might have for highlighting exterior architectural facades of buildings. We really can't think of another lighting solution, and this would be in keeping with the 1920s period of the house, too.

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And what I failed to describe is that the same intricate beam detail that meets the wall also meets the ridge beam. So you really can't run anything the entire span of the ridge beam because it is broken up by the decorative beams that meet it. This is why the led strip light idea running the length of the ridge beam got tossed out. I've pondered tucking in lights in between where the decorative beams meet the ridge beams (about every 24" or so), but that seems too complicated and oddly broken up. I know what you mean about an alcove. But I think it's a little too 21st century for this old castle of a home.

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Embedding lights in the floor may not be practical for several reasons
1. The position and location would probably reduce the usable floor area while being blinding.
2. The output needs to be high.

One other possibility is to hide the lights with a translucent material just below where the ceiling starts. It is another variation on cove lighting mounted above crown molding.

If that is not viable, floor standing torchiere would be another option.

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David...what kind of translucent material do you have in mind? This is an interesting thought. I have two more days before the electricians come to do the final wiring in the living room.

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Take a look at nuworld lighting for more ideas.

Thinking again, it is likely that extensive work would be necessary to create the necessary space for lighting strips while preserving/ replicating the detail.

Here is a link that might be useful: nuworld lighting products

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In the end, my finish carpenter has devised a way to hide the lights in the wood ceiling detail, 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 along the length of the room. I think this room will be so beautiful when it's finally done. Thank you for all your help, David. I have learned a lot about lighting through this discussion.

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