LR4 or Halo 4'

zzttJune 23, 2011

Need help to choose between Cree LR4 or Halo 4" for my kitchen remodel. Price is the same for both brands.

The light of LR4 2700K is really warm and I like it a lot. The problem is more a 5" than a 4".

Halo on the other hand is a true 4" and also offer 2700K, yet the reviews here is not very good for Halo. I do have the chance to compare the Cree and Halo 2700K side by side, so that is another problem.

For those who do not like Halo, can you explain the reasons?

Does anyone see the two in person and share your thought? Thank you.

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The Halo LED modules utilize a single exposed LED in the centre of the module. It is uncomfortable looking directly at the light unlike the Cree lamps which utilize a diffuser with an array of LEDs underneath.

The efficacy of the Halo modules is also somewhat lower than Cree.

In addition, you need to purchase the trim ring for Halo. So, the typical total package costs more than Cree, unless you have some compelling reason to replace the trim on the Cree.
Lamp + Housing + Trim Ring (Halo)
Lamp + Housing (Cree)

I was captivated by the output from the Cree lamps (LR6, LR4) when I first saw one (LR6) at Lamps Plus.

When I saw the Halo lamp in operation, I was disappointed and relieved that I had chosen Cree instead.

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Good stuff as always from davidtay.

Just wanted to point out that the Cree LR4 series does not come with an integral trim ring like the 6 inch models do. You would most likely need to select from an anodized reflector with white trim or all white trim and reflector. They do make a wheat, black and pewter trim but those would probably be a special order for most suppliers.

Also, the H4 series from Halo is fundamentally different from the LR4 series from Cree in that the LED driver is contained in the housing and not in the module. Both of these units require the use of a dedicated housing and Halo makes a new construction and remodel housing (in both IC and non-IC) for their 4 inch lights while Cree only makes a new construction IC housing.

You are right that the Cree product is more of a 5 inch product as well. Still looks more compact than the six inch, but definitely not a true four inch product like the Halo H4 series.

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