Why no A shape GU24 LED bulbs?

gregincalJune 23, 2012

So I have some nice A19 edison base bulbs in my living room lights. For my kitchen remodel I though, great, I'll put something similar in my kitchen pendants. However, since the pendants are required by Title 24 to be GU24, I seem to be stuck. You can get:

A shape GU24 CFLs

GU24 LED down lights

A shape LED screw base

but no A shape GU24 led bulbs! Basically I seem to be forced to use CFLs in my GU24 pendants, which is crazy. Why is this, or am I missing something.

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If it doesn't cause the LED bulb to stick out too far, you can use GU24 to screw-in adapters. It is illegal, and you will have to have a real GU24 bulb (CFL) in those pendants to pass inspection.

Just another place that you can meet/exceed the intent of Title 24, but still not meet the rules. Maybe A-shape LED will show up by the time you have to install.

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A quick Google Images search for GU24 LED shows at least some shaped pretty much like A type bulbs. They are always going to have a fairly massive heat sink, or poor lifetime.

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I've never used them, but it looks like Sylvania at least offers one version.

Here is a link that might be useful: 8W A19 GU24 LED

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From the google image search I did come across the Sylvania's. I might have to buy one and see. My lights came with CFLs, but if I want to put them on dimmers I'll need to get LED bulbs. I have the Philips Enduraled in the living room, hopefully they'll come out with a GU24 version at some stage.

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