Any Dave Clark Five fans here?

jannieFebruary 15, 2013

Back in the swingin' sixties, my favorite music was made by this British band called The Beatles. But my second favorite was The Dave Clark Five (I'm in pieces, bits and pieces). Sad news today- their bass guitar player Rick Huxley passed away recently of COPD. (Same thing that took my Mother). Organist/singer Mike Smith died after a fall years ago after a bad fall, saxophonist Denis Payton gone from cancer. This leaves only founder/drummer Dave Clark and guitarist Lenny Davidson with us. RIP, Rick. You were a big part of my early teen years. Thanks for the music!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I too loved their music and they were probably number two here too, behind the Beatles. Every so often I'm in a Dollar Tree store and they are playing some really cool old music and I hear both the Beatles and the Dave Clark Five.

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Back in the 60's I won a contest sponsored by "16" magazine (now long out of business). I wrote a poem about the DC5 and won a prize- an autographed album or photo of them. I no longer have it. But I remember the poem "For music alive, with jump and jive, it's our faves, everyone raves, the Dave Clark Five." Cheezy, I know.

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Oh that is sad...they were a big part of my childhood also. Thanks for the update. So sad to see so many of our childhood idols leaving this earth.

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