UCL plan question

ladoladiJune 24, 2012

We are currently considering installing the Juno Pro-series LED UCLs. This is our UCL plan:

The green dots represent where our electricians put in hardwire connections that all connect to one dimmable switch.

In the plan I indicate where I have some questions about fixture sizes. Basically, I'm wondering if a 30" light in a 36" cabinet is acceptable or if it is really overkill and I should switch to 22" UCLs. The 36" cabinets are stand-alone cabinets and the countertop stretches past these uppers for about 16" (toward the stove) with nothing (cabinet or light) above it. If I go with the 22" lights, I'm worried there will be almost 2 feet of countertop with no light directly above it (except the cans in our 14 ft ceiling).

I'm also wondering if the corner upper cabinet should have 9" or 14" lights forming an L.

I would also appreciate any comments/suggestions/opinions on the Juno Pro-series. We're not dead set on them, but they do seem to offer everything we're looking for: hardwiring (which we're already set up for), LEDs, and dimmable.


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30" would work better.
The corner cabinets should have longer lights forming a L.

The Juno lights (imo) do not have such good value for money.

Other alternatives to the Juno would include the Philips eW Profile and the UniLume. The UniLume is currently costly, but it has the slimmest physical dimensions and probably the best light output - in terms of lumens and CRI.

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Thank you for the eW Profile suggestion, Davidtay. I found them on a few sites, but it seems they are only available in 3 sizes: 9.25", 19.25", and 39.25". Under a 36" cabinet, would one just put in 3 - 9.25" lights?

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You could stagger the lights to achieve the appearance of a continuously lit run. For example 4 9.25" placed in alternately in 2 rows.
-- --
-- --

Or 1 19.25" and 1 9.25" staggered.

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