LG WaveForce TL (5101 model) or other HE TLs - gentle enough?

kimbers324October 10, 2010

I need a new W/D and cannot decide between the LG 3875 (a front-loader) and the new 5101 top loader. I need to be able to fold laundry on top of the W/D so not considering pedastals for the FL. I'm 5'10 and think I would get irritated having to bend almost to the floor to get clothes in and out of the washer. The TL uses an impeller - I have never seen a washer with this before and I'm wondering how gentle this and the waveforce action are on clothes? The FLs are known for gentleness. Have any of you had any issues with wear and tear using any impeller machine or the new LG top loader in particular??

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I have this exact model and the matching dryer. I love them both. I have not had any problem with my clothes being worn out.

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Hi Washerman, How are you liking your machine? I guess you were not able to figure out the video situation on your software? Thanks for trying anyway :)

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Hi gates1,

I haven't fooled with the video camera or the software since I lost my treasured videos. Really upset about that. I will film the next load I wash and let my computer savvy friend download it for me.

I promised you I would film it and I will. Sorry for taking me so long.

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I also have this exact set and no problems with the laundry at all. Everything comes out fine - no tangles. I do find it's best to shake out larger pieces before putting into dryer for less wrinkling especially since they are relatively damp coming out of the washer due to its great spin cycle.

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