seagull ambiance vs led uc lights?

ginny20June 24, 2011

You all helped me decide on Cree CR6 recessed LED instead of the CFL my GC suggested. Now we're discussing the undercabinet lights, and he recommends Seagull Ambiance. Are these better than LED, or just as good for less money? I'm not doing a lot of them - just two banks of cabinets, 48" and 42".


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I presume these are the low voltage linear lighting?

If so, they are probably xenon light bulbs that would need replacing at a faster rate than LED bars. Some people also don't like the heat generated by xenon or halogen lights.

I would look into LED options at

The reason I suggest environmentallights is because they have both the hardwired 120V and low voltage LED lights to look at as examples.

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Thanks, davidtay, yes I assume the same thing. He said the xenon wasn't as hot as halogen, and I know some GWers find they are not too warm. I'll check out environmental, though. If the price difference isn't much, I'd rather have the cooler bulbs.

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I have Seagull Ambience, and I like the color of the light, the intensity (I have a 10w bulb about every 8" average) and in 5 years I have only had one bulb go out. In comparison, I've had to replace all of the 20w halogens (4 of them) in the thermador vent hood in that same time period. (and replace a section of in-cabinet rope light 4 times!) The U/C's have more hours of use than the hood.
The warming effect is noted, but it's not perceptible at countertop level, just the cabinet floor. The "heat" hasn't rendered any discoloration to the cabinet bottoms, so it's clearly not in the temp range to bother the wood or the finish.

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Thanks, Casey. That's great to know. I need to stop adding a couple of hundred dollars here and there, so if I can stay with the lights in the quote, ie., seagull ambiance, that's a good thing.

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