led in the kitchen lighting plan question

3wallerJune 26, 2012

I've been reading up on all the great info here, and want to jump on the cree bandwagon. I'm about to put the drywall up on a new build and would appreciate some help on the lighting plan for the kitchen. I will have a chandelier type fixture over the banquette area in the top left corner of the img below, and two pendants over the island(probably restoration hardware 15 inch harmons).

I tried a cree cr6 in my current kitchen and like the look. My electrician hasn't used them before. What is my best course of action, taking into account price, looks and performance? Lr6? If so, can you advise on the layout? I was thinkin of maybe 5 between the fridge and island space (let's call that the south part, ifthe top of the picture is north), 4 behind the island running south to north, 4 wesr to east north of the island, and 4 running n to s between the island and rangetop area.



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Use the CR6 instead of the LR6. It has better dimming performance. There is quite a bit of information on the LED recessed lighting thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED recessed lighting

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thx David. Will go cr6 and a generic can with an edison fixture (i'm in Ontario). I'm still open to ideas if anyone wants to chime in on where these should go. With the benefit of a reread of David's thread, I'm now thinking the following, working from top to bottom:

- 4 along the top of the pic, just inside the counters
- 4 more just before the island, running from outside the banquet table area to the cooking area counters
- 1 behind the middle of island, and 1 in line with that between island and rangetop
- 4 on the other side of the island, matching the lines of the other 4 on the other side of the island. Maybe one more in that string on the left side?
- if 5 above, another 5 just inside the counters on the bottom side of the kitchen.

thx for any help with this..

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