What kind of wire for these Holophane pendants?

bickybeeJune 27, 2012

I recently bought two vintage Lobay holophane pendants for over our kitchen island. They appear to never have been used.

They have a porcelain socket and short wires coming from it. I need to wire them with a type of wire which I can suspend from the ceiling. Each lamp weights over 7 lbs. What kind of wire would I use that would support them? I am trying to avoid using chain with wire threaded through. I think originally these lights were suspended with the wire running through a rigid metal tube. My ceiling is sloped, so I think that would make it more complicated. I like the look of cloth covered wire but don't know where to get it or if it is strong enough.

I don't know how to embed a photo so I've included a link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Holophane pendants

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An alternative solution to the traditional chain would be a aircraft cable suspension system to carry the weight of the lamp.


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There are only a few types of cordage allowed to carry weight, and they are generally made with a separate strength member.

The copper wire carrying electricity is NOT used to also carry significant weight.

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Brickeyee, are you saying that there is a cord I can get that will support the weight AS WELL AS carry electricity? Or do I need two different cords, one for electricity and the other to carry the load? Is this cordage specified by a number of some sort? Do you know what I would ask for to support the weight of a pendant weighing over 7 lbs?

Davidtay, I will show my electrician the link to this product, the griplocksystem and see if it's something he can work with. Thanks.

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There are a number of wire suspension systems of which the griplock system is an example.

The conducting wires are generally not used to bear the weight of the lamp. Instead, there is always a separate load bearing member - rod, chain, wire, ...
For example

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