Need Help w NEMA # for Standard Kenmore Dryer Plug!!!??

kawh707October 24, 2013

We are having an outlet installed for our new kenmore dryer model 81272.

Both electricians who gave bids told us that they need the nema# for the plug in order to install the right outlet. Well... hours with sears in store, online, by phone, technicians... even someone who found the plug and box.... nobody could tell me the nema #!!!

so... anyone out there have this (or similar) dryer who can help me with this?? i assume that they only have a few dryer extension cords... ours is part # 15000 and is listed as a 3-prong 5 foot plug. it is pictured here... with info that does not include the nema #.

thanks for any help!!!!

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that is a regular electric dryer it's need a 30A circuit

NEMA 14-30

since its straight 240v you technically need 2 hots and a ground

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thanks much, acetx... can you tell me why both electricians would be so worried about this and not know this?? do you have this information because you own a kenmore, or because it's just something that's pretty obvious???
i have been so stressed at getting this information... and that nobody at sears seems to have it!!!
thanks again..

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there arent that many 30A recepticle options

if the electrician is installing a new circuit it makes sense to install a 4 prong

the reason they asked is because they were probably considering your existing dryer plug, but the thing is you can usually install a 3 OR 4 prong cord on an electric dryer

the power cord that you linked to looks like an older type straight blade, unless i was looking at the wrong cord

get the 4 prong for the dryer

it's a standard 10 gauge plug 14-30p so the matching receptacle would be 14-30R

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they probably sold us the older style plug because our house is older and they figured we would have an older outlet?

ok... i'm a little confused. is the 3-prong or the newer 4=prong you recommended the one that fits into the 14-30? this is all completely new to us.

what would the advantage be of getting a 4-prong?
thanks SO much for this info & education!

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4 prong is newer

4 prong = 2 hots, a neutral, and a ground

many 240v appliances operate on both 120 & 240v

@ 240v you need 2 hots (120v + 120v) and a ground

@ 120v you need 120v and a neutral (return path)

it makes no sense to not install a 4 prong on a new circuit

an electric dryer can take either cord so install the 4 prong cord

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