Where to purchase Cheer Dark Formula Detergent.

nikki1004October 29, 2007

HELP!!! My work uniform is now all black. Shirts, pants and aprons. My clothes are fading so fast. I wash in cold water inside out and don't dry them most of the time. On occasion I will dry them only on gentle. I live in Central Florida and connot find Cheer Dark Detergent anywhere. I have emailed Procter and Gamble and they can't help other than telling me to ask my local grocery store to start carrying it. I also have searched online at many stores to order it but it seems a mystery who carrries it. PLEASE HELP. I can't afford to keep buying new work clothes.

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I've seen it all over around here but if you can't find it in your area, that's the best suggestion. Talk to your local store and ask them to order it. Even if you work a deal to buy a case of it if they'll order it or something, it's probably only 4-6 bottles. But if the store has any say on what they carry, they'd probably carry it for you if you ask.

I tried a quick internet search, but didn't find anything... even tried ebay! I'll post back if I find anything.

Good luck!

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If you can't find cheer dark, try regular cheer or another detergent that does not contain optical brightners. I think the optical brighteners can cause your black items to look faded.

If you have faded clothes you no long feel look good, you could try dying them black again using the dyes often found in grocery stores or wal-mart/Target.


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Joe is right, just use the regular Cheer.

Consumer Report did an article on the Dark Formula and found that it cleaned well but didn't protect darks differently than regular Cheer. Neither Cheer product contains the optical brighteners.

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I found Cheer dark online at soap.com with free shipping over $39. It is also only $6.65 for a 50oz. bottle.

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I live in Alberta Canada north of Calgary I would like to know where to purchase Cheer dark formula

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