Farmers Market Report

wizardnmJuly 13, 2012

We did it! We had a little booth for the first time at one of the farmers markets here. We didn't have a lot but we did sell most of what we had. It certainly was an experience.

I'll add pictures that I took, right after we got set up and before it was opened. Not all the people with booths were there yet either.

I would have had more baked goods but I ran out of time, I'll do better next week.

I only had two kinds of jam, strawberry and black raspberry because I only wanted to take jams made from fresh (2012) local fruit. I'll pick red raspberries and make jam on Monday. The booth next to us had about 50 varieties of jam and jelly, most from fruits that haven't come into season here yet. She even had cherry coke jelly, not something that interests me. :)

I had Asiago Bread, Cinnamon Swirl Bread, Cherry Hand Pies, Cinnamon rolls, and Sun Dried Tomato Pinwheels.

Looking down the row...

The back of the booths that were in front of us, along the sidewalk.

My friend David, he's doing the produce and his garden is just getting started. He'll have much more ready next week too.

The view behind us. Hard to see because of the landscaping, but there is a large harbor master's building (restrooms!) and a water park area for kids that has the big water jets that shoot water up into the air.

The Great Lakes cruise ship in! Charlevoix is now one of their weekly stops. Both the people on the cruise ship and those from the private yachts seem to really like the farmers market. I sold to several..

I won't bore you with weekly pictures but I thought you might be interest in seeing a very unique farmers market.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That's the prettiest farmer's market I have ever seen. Ours are, well, not so nice. And they certainly don't have wonderful foods like you made!
I hope your future experiences are good and I do like seeing pictures and reports. I may not comment all the time but I usually read and enjoy.
Sun dried tomato pinwheels sound interesting!

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I think it's great the cruise ships are working the Michigan coastline again, it's about time. We have some beautiful and unique ports that are large enough to dock the bigger ships.

So, how did you do? In a couple of weeks David will have a plethora of goodies from the garden so he'll be well stocked. What sold well and what did not?


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Nancy, that location is fantastic. I am really tickled to see pictures of your Farmers Market; thanks for sharing. And yes, the pinwheels sound gooood.

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Nancy, your farmer's market is fantastic. What a beautiful setting & having the benefit of the cruise passengers is a great bonus.

Your homemade goodies sound wonderful. I'm envious of Michigan's law allowing you to sell w/o a commercial kitchen. We have a "homemade trade" weekend once/month but to stay within the law no money can exchange hands. But, I can make baked goods & exchange for something we need such as corn, apples, & squash. It's basically organized barter & is located at Terra Firma Farm, the place I keep yapping on about here in Mystic.

I too will be awaiting your next market post.


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beachlily z9a

Oh, Nancy, that's a beautiful location for a farmers' market! Mine looks far different. With the weather as hot as it is, the produce available down here in FL has suffered. Hope tomorrow's market is better than last week's.

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That's so pretty. California is in the middle of (hopefully) passing the Cottage Food law this summer so my goal is to do something similar someday!

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Nice job! Great photos. I wouldn't mind seeing more!

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Nice! Hope you did great! I'll look forward to next weeks report. Seems like I remember that view!

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Nancy, thank you for sharing your Farmer's Market pictures.
I agree with everyone that it is a very pretty location for a farmers market.

Please keep sharing photos each week. I certainly won't be bored.


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I agree with Ann. We won't get bored with any pics from there. I realllly want one of those cherry hand pies. I love your friends produce. If I'd seen all those gorgeous tiny yellow squash I'd have snapped them up in a heart beat. I love that you want to only do the local and in season jams. Keep up your great standards.

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Oh, Nancy, your stuff looks luscious. I have read about how beautiful Charlevoix is.

And your post taught me something. Because a booth has 50 kinds of jam is a pretty good indicator that it is not very local. My dh buys a croissant, one, at our fm in Michigan City, Indiana, way down south. We are empty nesters and just use very little produce.

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What a beautiful setting for a farmer's market. Love the pictures, nope I wouldn't get bored looking at more! We love our local farmers and shop them as often as we can. It seems more and more people are finding out about them, co-ops, and farm shares. My daughter is even thinking about joining one next year selling our breads and baked goods. Congrats,Nancy! NancyLouise

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What do you mean, bore us? I loved your pictures, and wouldn't mind more of them.

I'm so happy to hear about your farmer's market experience. I'm not a jelly or jam eater, but I believe I'd like your jam. And no, Cherry Coke jam would not interest me in the least! Eeww.


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What a beautiful market! Thanks for sharing.


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So beautiful, somewhere I'd like to visit! Please continue to post photos and good luck with your venture going forward. It's nice to travel from my desk!

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Please keep posting reports and pictures of your market days. I really do enjoy reading them and seeing the pictures. Its nice to see someone doing something they like so much and its something others benefit from. Continued success to you!

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Nancy, I admire your energy, I could never get up enough to do what you are doing! Love the pictures and hope to see more.

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Let me just say this, about that. If I was at that
glorious farmer's market, and your booth opened at
9:00AM, you would have been sold out at 9:01AM.
What a gorgeous setting. Here, the farmer's market
is in an inner city blacktop parking lot, and I don't
think anyone, except for the very rich, could afford
their wares. As an example: last year I drove by
a roadside stand that was selling sweet corn for
$2.00/doz. That same farm was selling at the
farmer's market for $4.00/doz. A more recent example:
last week, one of the vendors was selling beet greens
for $1.00 per 'bunch', and the 'bunch' was VERY small,
and they were so wilted that I don't think they would
even have made good compost. I sometimes think that
going to the farmer's market when they first open is
the best idea. So that there is a good selection.
But then I thought that maybe later they would mark
the prices down, so as not to have to load it all back
into the truck. Not so. It seems to me they would
rather trash it than accept less than a PREMIUM price.
JMHPO, (Just My Humble Polish Opinion).

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Nancy, so glad you are doing this. Michigan finally got SOMETHING right with the cottage food law although I see areas I would like changed but it's a good start. And your pictures will never bore. I for one love the visual aids and keep 'em coming!


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Thanks for all the encouragement. It is a lot of work but it is also fun work, at least for me.

I'll take pictures each week that I'm there.


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More more!!....what fun!!.....and I would love some choke cherry jam!...
Making me hungry....
Anxiously awaiting next week's pictures!

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Nancy, your area looks as if you have had some rain. It's lush and green unlike southern lower Michigan. We are dry as a bone. Your pictures and the discription of your product makes me want to drive right up there next weekend. I think it would only take about 5 hours.


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Congratulations on your first week! Add me to the list of people who marveled at the setting. Ours is under an overpass right off the interstate- they kick the bums out for the morning, and it smells like pee :-D. The offerings sound delicious. There are always people at a farmer's market who don't bother to check whether the food is local, but stands like yours usually develop a following- people who will buy whatever you have that week because they trust the quality. I look forward to hearing about how the next one goes!

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What a lovely setting for selling your luscious-looking wares, Nancy. I hope you and the other vendors have a successful season.

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Gorgeous pictures! I admire your hard work beautiful wares. That looks like a picture perfect setting and an ideal backdrop for your lovely food.

More pictures, please!!


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Nancy - bored? NEVER! Keep 'em coming! You're an inspiration!

Florida passed a cottage food law last year. How do you label your goods? Florida has stringent laws on how everything must be labeled to sell baked or canned goods from your home.

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Pat, I used the Avery Label site and have even stored my labels there. For now I just used a stock design but it will allow you to import custom also.

Michigan is also very specific on information that has to be on the labels.

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Excellent - when it (and IF) it ever cools off here, we now have a waterfront market that is geared toward local farmers and bakers. Maybe I'll draw some inspiration from your posts and get out there and just do it! One of my fellow culinary school graduates owns a large farm and gives me a discount, so I could buy in bulk and make lots of homemade jellies/jams!

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