Freezing Stuffed Peppers

antiquesilverJuly 17, 2009

If I want to freeze stuffed red peppers (just got a good price on some), do I stuff them with cooked filling & then flash freeze? Or should I leave the rice/veg mixture raw but have the meat cooked? Will the peppers still hold up when they're thawed & baked? Red peppers are expensive in my area even when they're in season so I rarely freeze anything but a few that I chop.

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You can just cut the tops off, remove the seeds and freeze whole.

You can stuff with raw everything and bake, then freeze.

You can stuff with raw everything and put them straight in the freezer (I wouldn't thaw hamburger, then use it here. Buy fresh, never frozen meat).

I freeze the pepper by themselves so I have options later.


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I cook the rice and the meat and whatever veggies ( onions and a little celery sometimes, usually tomato) stuff the raw peppers top with cheese and wrap individually in foil and freeze.....when I want to cook I put2 inches of water in a pan or oven safe casserole, and stand the peppers up in that and simmer or bake until done.....about 40 minutes from frozen solid less from defrosted.
Linda C

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I have frozen them after Baked ,like
Deanna said.

I tried this recipe baked and frozen but the tomatoes were
a little soggy.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Here is a recipe for a Pepper dish I made up a while back.
I used a very large Green Bell Pepper, cut in half.
- - - - - - - - -

Lou's Open Face Stuffed Pepper Prelibato ( Pepper Exquisite )

Use your favorite stuffing.
I used stuffing with par cooked Sausage.
You can also use seafood. Use your wildest imagination.
Maybe you better not ?????

Lay the two halves of Pepper on an oiled baking tin or
whatever you prefer.
Lay Provolone Cheese on the bottom of the Pepper
and pile on the Stuffing.

Lay more Provolone on top of the stuffing.
Put sliced Tomatoes on that and sprinkle with
Garlic Powder, Onion Powder,Black Pepper and
a little of Old Bay Seasoning (optional)

Finale : Lay some Bacon strips across the top.
Bake in a 350 Degree Oven for about 15 minutes or
until the peppers are as tender as you like them.

1 Celery stalk, (10in. Piece ) and ½ of a Med. l onion (chopped small) and
Cooked in Micro Wave until tender (about 2 ½ min.)

In a large Bowl mix:

1 cup of small bread cubes
1cups of Italian Bread crumbs
1 /2 cup of Rice Crispies (optional )
1 tablesp. Parsley Flakes
2 tablesp. Of Locatelli , Parmesan or Romano grated cheese
1 teasp. Of Onion Powder
½ teasp. Of Garlic Powder
½ teaspoon of Old Bay Seasoning
Salt to taste ( ½ teaspoon to start )

1 piece of Italian Sausage 10 in. long, skinned and
cut into small pieces. Sautee till medium rare.
Add the cooked Onion and Celery.
Put 1 egg into a cup of chicken stock (or Chicken Soup Base )
beat well and mix this into the other ingredients. Add a little water,
if the mixture is too dry.
Add more sausage, or whatever you like, etc..
If you have any Stuffing left over, freeze it for later

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Thanks everybody, for the instructions & the recipes. I was fairly sure they could be stuffed w/raw or partially cooked filling & then frozen but I had second thoughts (it never dawned on me that frozen, empty shells would be successful). DH doesn't eat them so now I'll have a few in the freezer for when he's not around.

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antiquesilver, Dad loved stuffed peppers, so I just cut the tops off the raw peppers, removed the stems and seeds and "stacked" them, four to a package.

When he was ready for stuffed peppers we took the frozen peppers from the freezer, added the raw stuffing to the peppers without thawing the peppers, then baked them as per the recipe.

Cooked peppers get kind of soft anyway after they are cooked, so the fact that they get a little soft when frozen didn't make a difference to the end product.

I've never frozen them already stuffed, so I can't tell you that one way or another, but four peppers, cored and stacked, fit nicely into a freezer bag and took less room than four packed singly, or four already stuffed, and so we did it that way.


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beachlily z9a

Lou, you have converted me. I'm now using garlic powder and onion powder as well as fresh and jarred (garlic). I never thought that the powdered stuff would taste right. Then, a local Italian chef (from Naples) dismayed me by using powdered garlic instead of roasted garlic on a dish. Didn't taste as good but when you don't have roasted garlic ........

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Annie, your method is probably the way I'll go because I checked the frig & my sausage has mysteriously disappeared so no stuffing will be made today.

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Thank You.
I use a very fine Garlic and Onion Powder.
I found it at BJ's. It is McCormick's.
Comes in a 14 oz. Jar. Maybe that makes a difference.

I just got tired of throwing away Jar's of fresh Garlic.

I have a few converts; my daughter for one, after many years.

My Sauce won the cookoff and that convinced her.

I use the Powders mostly for Rubs and Sauce.

Remember a little while back,everyone was upset when,
Spatini stopped making the packages of Spaghetti Sauce Mix.

I think the Spices and the Mix were all powdered ?????
Thanks Again, LOU

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