Recessed lighting - how far from walls?

lsohJune 28, 2009

We are working on the eat-in portion of our kitchen. We will be installing recessed lighting in the eat-in area. (We will also install a separate lighting fixture over the table.) We have already completed the cooking area of the kitchen. In the cooking area, the lighting placement was determined by the counter tops and "washing" the woodwork of the cabinets. However, we do not want to highlight / wash the plain, less than perfect walls in the eat-in area. On the other hand, we don't want to pull the lights so far away from the walls so that the walls are in the dark and the area feels like a cave. So, how far away from the walls should the recessed lighting be? Thanks.

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2.5 to 3.0 feet

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On the bare wall side, my recessed are 29" from the wall. The wall starts being light about 12 inches from the ceiling. Closer will give you light higher up on the wall but a brighter wall. But what I have doesn't make any difference unless you use the exact same can, baffle and bulb. If you are flexible on your bulbs, you could drop the wattage (lumens) down if the light on the wall blasts you out of the kitchen.

Norm, if you did 3ft and used a 4" fixture with narrow beam halogen how much light would you get on the wall?

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I assumed that these fixtures were for general or ambient light.
I wouldn't use a 4" fixture with a 50PAR20/NFL as this would provide tight beam output and , hence very focused light instead of diffused output.
I prefer 50PAR30/FL or 50par30soft par's for general lighting.
That's what's interesting in lighting design...we all have our own solution, and there's always many correct solutions

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