Problem with LED recessed lights -- need info on Cree

orleans704June 11, 2012

My electrician didn't follow my request for 3500K LED downlights and instead went full Halo with six 6" cans in my kitchen including All-Pro lights. Unfortunately All-Pro only comes in 3000K and it was obvious to me that they were too yellow, and I asked him to replace them. While they were installed I noticed they filled the kitchen with light, enough so we couldn't stand to have the dimmer at 100%. The replacements were Lithonia Reality which have great color temperature (not yellow) but have other issues. First they don't get along with the dimmer, a Lutron Ariadni/Toggler that I like. But worse, the lense is not opaque like the Halos, but instead fairly clear. It spotlights -- shines light directly down and not so much to the sides, therefore the kitchen now has nasty shadows.

So I'm willing to move on (by myself) to some other lights with help from you guys. Is the Cree LR6 lense opaque or clear? How about installation (and removal) as I see the Cree does not use springs on each side which are really nice. Any info on other lights, maybe Elite? I'm looking for cheaper all-in-one lights that include the trim.



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Installation is easy. Light distribution is great!
The Cree prongs take a little getting used to, but really not an issue.

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If you look in the datasheet (at least the version I found -- there may be others), the Lithonia Reality light distribution is very narrow. The datasheet also give recommended dimmers, which might be of value.

If you are looking for lights including the trim, you should consider the CREE CR6 -- get the version (Ecosmart eco-560) at Home Depot for $40 or so.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lithonia Reality LED spot light

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OOPS -- I forgot you wanted whiter, so the CR6 isn't appropriate, as it only comes in 2700. So it looks like the LR6 would be a good choice.

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LR6 lens is opaque

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