Electrolux Washerrs - Water Heater built-in or no water heater?

eieio8October 4, 2010

I just purchased an Electrolux washing machine and am interested in knowing if the machine has a water heater or not.

I'm interested due to the fact that in the winter months, the cold water from the tap is very very cold, much colder than the minimum 20 degrees Celcius that is stated on the label of Persil Powder, Megaperls, and Gels.

It implies that in water colder than 20 degrees Celcius ( = 68 Fahrenheit), that the Persil detergent in ANY form (powder/megaperls/gel) will NOT perform "up to specifications". It's just logical since the box of detergent clearly states that.

The Miele machines have a water heater that heats up super cold water up to a more moderately cold (but still obviously cold) temperature, just not letting frigid water just come into the washing machine. That's smart!

I'm unsure as to whether if the Electrolux washers have a water heater or not and if it does, whether or not it heats up ultra cold tap water to a more moderate cold range.

Thanks in advance for any information on this.

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If your talking about the IQ or WaveTouch models of the Electrolux's made fore America...yes they do have built in heaters.

They also have ATC (Auto. Temperature Control) which regulates water temps. as they enter the machine. Premixing hot and cold to match predetermined minimum temps. for each Hot, Warm or Cool water temps.

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Although it may have a heater, the more important question is when will the heater operate? Some only work on a santize cycle so unless you "sanitize" every wash, it's not operating. Kind of a waste of money in that case.

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In a letter I got from Electrolux asking about this very topic, they responded as follows:

"Thank you for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances. We apologize for the delay in response. However our washer units are equipped with an internal heater and when the unit is operating on the sanitize cycle the heater maintains a set temperature of 152 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the unit has an automatic temperature control so when the unit is operating and using a cold water setting the heater will automatically turn on if the water drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. When operating and using a warm water setting the heater will automatically turn on if the water drops below 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When operating and using a hot water setting the heater will automatically turn on if the water temperature drops below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In closing the spin RPM for the Electrolux washer is 1350. If you have any further questions about the appliances please contact us at 877-435-3287. We are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST. Thank you for considering Electrolux Major Appliances."

So yes the heater will kick in if temps. fall below a predetermined minimum setting.

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So the Electrolux warm setting is 78F? Then it can't do a true warm wash, rather it has a choice of two different cold washes, one of which is labeled "warm". This is surprising, but it also isn't -- warm washes are weighted heavily in the DOE energy tests (55% if I remember correctly). Electrolux gets the $250/unit tax credit, you get the tepid "warm" washes.

Also, notice the different phrasing used in the description of the sanitize cycle, compared to the cold, warm, hot description. The sanitize cycle will guarantee a certain amount of time at the set temperature of 152F, to meet certification requirements. The regular cycles, in contrast, will turn on the heater during the wash cycle if the water is too cold, but they'll end the wash cycle at the scheduled time, even if the water is still too cold. If your hot water tap runs cold at first, you might never get a 120F hot wash on Electrolux's short wash cycles.

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while i've had my Electrolux units just installed a week ago, i have not yet used them. they merely turned them on briefly to indicate that they are "turning" and "working", so to speak.

i could get my washer to go through the set up cycle and complete it, so i felt good about it.

for some reason, i could not get the dryer to display "set up cycle" despite following all the directions. i called their support number, of course, but received totally incompetent help from difficult, poorly trained staff. they were difficult to talk to, poorly informed, and merely reading off some script with practically zero knowledge of the issues, unwilling to go to the next step to ask a more senior "engineering type", or a more senior "tech" person.

they just wanted to tell me that if it's turning, then ignore the fact that the set up cycle did not appear and just feel ok about it. plus, they were downright rude in the manner of talking to me as well.

all that said, i was impressed in how the Electrolux machines look and feel - of course, this is based on purely superficial criteria and i have yet to make a judgment based on usage experience.

i have also just received my Persil delivery so i'm ready to go.

my new apartment is 2 months away from being ready to move in so i'm thinking of doing a wash this weekend at the apartment which is currently a construction site. at least if there are issues, i can get them resolved prior to my move in date.

i'm not as sure as you are, "suburbanmd", that 78F is THE temperature that "warm wash" is at. i think it's more along the lines of: should the water temperature falls below 78F, then the water heater kicks in. this does NOT discuss what happens if the water temperature is above 78F to begin with! right?

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