Maytag dryer problem....

appdudeOctober 9, 2013

Today i threw the some clothes into the dryer, the drum was about half full being that the dryer was a 7.0Cubic feet, set it to medium heat and 50 minutes. About 10 minutes later i opened the door and i noticed the heating element in the back was on and i noticed it "glowing down" from the red. then just 15 minutes ago i opened the door again and it was still doing that. I'm starting to get the inattention that there is something wrong with the dryer. It is running while I'm writing this. it has come on the freshen up mark and i noticed once again it doing the same thing. Is this normal? if not whats wrong with it?

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All electric dryers use heating elements that glow redish orange when making heat.
As long as it turns off when you open the dryer door and when you physically turn the dryer off it should be OK.

It will also cycle on and off the closer it gets to drying the clothes.
When you initially start drying, the heating elements come one full power and when the temperature of the air in the drum reaches its set heat setting (High, Medium, Low), it will cycle off until the air temp. drops enough to turn it back on.
(you may hear the thermostat click on and off.)

Newer model dryers may not totally turn all the way off but instead power down the wattage enough to let the air cool a bit but keeping a warm flow of air.

If the clothes get uncomfortably hot then the thermostat may not be working correctly and not cycling on and off.

Make sure your venting is free and clear of any lint build up and the lint filter is clean.

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thanks for the response, it does not over heat at all. we did clean the entire dryer out 2 months ago including the duct.

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