Ceiling fan and room lighting

sajeevJune 29, 2012

My new living room is to have a central ceiling fan. I am unsure what is the best general lighting I should use. My experience with my present home has been troubling: I have a ceiling fan with 4 lights fixed to it. When I turn the fan and lights on at night, the fans produce an annoying moving shadow of its blades on the ceiling and upper walls, so much so that I have to switch off either. Can this problem be solved by putting recessed cans on either side of the fan or pendant lights on either side of the fan or regular downlights on either side of the fan? If these are not correct, what other solutions are available. Help, please

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As long as the blades pass behind or in front of the light you will get moving shadows or flickering. Stands to reason as the blade passes through the cast light. Yes moving light sources outboard of the fan should significantly reduce but may not completely eliminate the moving shadows. Some blade shadow is all but inevitable.

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Ooh, that's a tough one. I friend of mine ended up removing the ceiling fan. It was just too annoying.

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You may give up the lamps on the fan, and install some wall lamps around the walls.

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