Old fashioned switches with automated lighting control system ?

putschkiJune 21, 2012

We are building a new home what will have Savant automation for many systems, including some lighting control. (I don't need automated lighting but apparently my husband loves the idea of controlling room by room lights when walking out the door or when away on vacation). Our automation sub in SF Bay Area is spec'ing Lutron for our project.

I do NOT want each room to have a "smart" push-button control pad. Call me old school, but it bugs me when I enter a room and have to ponder which button to push to turn on/off/dim a light. I am also not fond of the look/feel of Lutron's "more simple" dimmable light switches...hate the tiny row of LED lights and the lack of tactile on/off experience. Give me a basic toggle (or rocker) on/off switch with a tiny dimmer sidecar--this is what looks and feels most classic and intuitive to me. I wouldn't mind having several such switches on one wall, which I do realize represents "wall acne" to some folks.

Our sub claims that old fashioned switches are not an option for homes that have smart lighting control systems like Lutron. Is this true ?? Thank you if you can debunk or confirm this.

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I ended up not going with it, but I think you would really come to like the Lutron Radio RA2 pads, if you have several light zones in a room. You can have the buttons screen with the function. You can also program in multiple ways, like having an "all on" button as well as individual zone control.

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