6 or 8 recessed 6' lights for kitchen

titan7June 22, 2010

My kitchen is 15 feet long x 9.5 feet wide 8 foot tall ceilings, Galley kitchen.

We are thinking (6) will be fine spaced 5 feet apart 30" off the walls. I will put (2) 4" Mr16 Halogens over the sink.

We have to do Title 24 CFL cans or Cree LEDs.

I currently have 3 fixtures two of them have (2) 18watt CFL screw in and the one over the sink has (1) 18watt CFL.

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our kitchen is significantly bigger than that and we only have 6 of the Cree LEDs in there. we also have 2 island pendant lights, 2 halogen over the sink lights, a chandelier over the kitchen table and undercounter lighting. that seems to be enough.

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The CREE lights are more cost effective than title 24 CFL cans, are dimmable and probably less problematic over time.

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If you're doing title 24 compliant lighting, 8 cans would be appropriate.

You might just have to replace the cans with edison (screw in) bases.

The title 24 CFL cans don't make sense to me.
1. They cost more - the can alone is ~ $60, trim ~ $20 and the bulb is separate (not the $1 variety).
2. Fixing failed ballasts would be a problem as you need access to the can from above.
3. Not dimmable.
4. The light output is lower than CREE LR6 lights.

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I'd say 8

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