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giblerOctober 16, 2007

I have searched the web tirelessly for the last week to find someone who had washed their "dry clean only" items in the new LG steam washer. I know that you can wash items in it that you usually take to the cleaners but I buy clothes from high end retailers that are made of various fabrics and I am very nervous to put an expensive shirt/sweater/pant into the machine without knowing that it will not get ruined.

Anyone out there want to be my guinea pig?? :)

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You can wash it in the delicate cycle without any problems.

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I have used the LG Steam (not the steam wash) on dry clean clothes and they came out great.

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The delicate cycle uses water and the fabrics are "dry clean only", hence the label. I am not talking about "hand wash" items. My understading is that the cleaners use steam as well to remove wrinkles but stains are removed by a chemical called 'perc'.

Premier what were the fabric items you put in the washer that worked?

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Dressy blouses, dry clean skirts and jackets. The cycle uses steam only so it removes wrinkles and freshens.

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I used LG Steam on a light blue linen suit. It came out OK, but I should have daubed the damp spots before hanging dry. There are water marks on the linen.

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The SteamFresh cycle has ABSOLUTELY no cleaning ability whatsoever!!!!!!!!!
It is simply used to freshen and remove wrinkles. If your clothes are funky/sweaty (for whatever reason) and/or you have clam chowder, chocolate stains etc on your blouse and you use the SteamFresh cycle....your blouse may be less funky, but it will still be funky nonetheless. The chocolate and clam chowder stains will still be there, maybe just not as pungent.
Folks if the dry cleaners only used steam we could have put them out business years ago.
Back in the day when you wanted to freshen (air out) a piece of clothing we would hang it outside. Now that nobody uses clothes lines anymore and it is tre' tacky to hang clothes on a deck or lanai we (LG folks) have this nice feature on our washers coupled with the fact that nobody irons anymore this cycle is really nice...only 5 items though.
I ruined a 200.00 wool sweater using the delicate cycle although it said "dry clean only" (big dummy), now my miniature pinscher can wear it!
Nothing takes the place of having a dirty "dry clean only" item professionally cleaned. Who wants to be less funky? "What cologne is that you are wearing?" "Oh this is les funk'e." and no I do not own a dry cleaners!!!! lol

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Luvmylg - thanks for that!! I don't have clothes that are stained or really dirty - I am a washing freak so I wear clothes once (sometimes for about 3 hours) then I wash them. The info I have read on the cleaners is that if a stain is water based then the cleaners use a water based stain remover to take it out then they put it in a big machine that uses the chemical perc to remove oils etc... they then steam it to remove any wrinkles and smells. If I don't have any stains on my clothes but want them to be "clean" then I am hoping this washer can save me the time and money. If you all hadn't noticed your clothes don't smell flower fresh after the cleaners - they have a weird "cleaner" smell to them (which I don't really like anyway).

The sweater I am hoping will work in the washer is made of the following fabrics: 55%silk, 29%nylon, 6%angora rabbit, 6%wool, 3%cashmere, 1%metalic. Alone any of these can be washed in water but together???? What will happen.....

Also I have a 100% rayon sweater that I would like to put in there. And a linen suit - I am very scared to ruin any of them but the cleaners are a hassle for me as I don't live in the city and have to drive to them.

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I use the SteamFresh when I have briefly been around maybe some cigarette smoke and I smell a hint of it on a sweater or shirt.
My dress shirts are custom made and I generally have them dry cleaned before I wear them. Since I have had this washer though, once they are sent to me, I will run them through the SF cycle and hit a couple of spots with the iron and off I go.
The machine has saved me a bundle in dry cleaning bills cause now I wash/steam my own shirts and press them myself. Ironing is no big deal to me, I usually do it watching the football game except when the Cowboys are playing! lol

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I'm a little confused. I have sweaters/dress shirts/blouses that I typically dry clean. I bought the True Steam washer and dryer and would like to know how to use them both to "dry clean" my items. Do I just use the SteamFresh cycle on both the washer and dryer or just the dryer? I know there is a water tank that we fill on the dryer - do I need to add water to the washer as well? I've tried reading the instructions but hope you can answer it in lamens terms. THANKS!

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I just used the steam refresh option on our Frigidaire Affinity dryer for some of my dry clean only clothes, 99% Polyester/1% Rayon, came out sweet. Also on 71% Acetate/29% Polyester also came out nice as well as my 75% Wool/25% Silk sweater!

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I'm a bit confused.

Some people in this thread are talking about the steam option in the washer and others about the steam option in the dryer; often it's not really specified which steam option they mean.

I'm in the process to replace both the washer and the dryer and am trying to decide what the steam option actually cdoes and if it's worth the extra $300 to $500 for the set.

Reading the literature and manuals, the benefits of steam seem to be rather minimal.
On the washer it sounds like one can get stains out with the steam option that wouldn't normally come out.

On the dryer it helps to remove odours, make ironing easier (which we do very little of) and make clothes less clingy (which a fabric softener does already)

The steam option sure doesn't replace having to take the dry-clean only clothes to the dry cleaner - that would be a REAL plus.

So...what are the steam options good for other than what I have mentioned?

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