Persil Powder/Megaperls/Gel: Which dissolves better in cold water

eieio8October 4, 2010

Cold water in the summer months is comfortable cold out of the tap.

Cold water in the winter months is very very cold - frigid.

Persil's Powder, Megaperls, and Gel ALL SAY 20 degrees Celcius/40/60/90 on the label! That implies that they ALL perform equally (i.e. dissolve equally well) under all those stated temperatures! That's hard to believe that a powder dissolves equally well as a Megaperls and as a gel! It's simply not commonsensical!!

Some say that gels coagulate when the water is very cold. Others say that powder may not dissolve in cold water. Who knows about Megaperls.

May I ask what the good folks here think? I'm hoping for a knowledgeable, experienced answer, as calling Miele, Electrolux did not help whatsoever.

I have a new, not yet used for the first time Electrolux machine and it's not clear if it has a water heater that heats up super cold water. I did find out that Miele DOES do that, unless you specifically tell it NOT to (under the No Heat button). I cannot seem to find out if the Electrolux has a heater or not to heat up ultra cold water to more moderately cold water.

Thank you in advance.

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For what it's worth: 20 C is equal to 68 F, or what most machines would consider "warm".

I've used both Persil Megaperls and Charlie's Soap and have never had any trouble getting them to dissolve.

I generally use 90 - 158 F water for main washing... but my machine does do a cool prewash, and those powdered detergents have always dissolved just fine in the prewash for me.

You may want to get (or borrow) a Kill a Watt (~$25) or Watts Up (~$50) meter. It's a device you plug your washer (or any electrical device) into and it shows you how much power it's using. People have used them to see when their washer is using the heater.

In my area you can even borrow one of these devices from the local public library!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kill a Watt meter

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My experience with Persil Megaperls Color, with regards to dissolving, has been quite different.

First of all I should mention that I have an older Miele 240V washing machine, that doesn't go any lower in temp than 30C(85F)on the cotton and perm press cycles. My machine also does 4 rinses on every cottons cycle.

That being said, on the very rare occasion that I wash my darks in 30C, Megaperls Color would leave little balls of undissolved detergent all over my cloths. I find it hard to believe their claim that it dissolves all the way down to 20C.

I switched to Color Gel and have had great results. It cleans well even on the Delicates "tap cold" cycle. So no worries of it "gelling" in very cold water. Although you have to be careful how much you use, as the leftover scent can be intense! So much so that after 4 rinses, fabric softener, and drying, you can still smell the stuff! The "minimum" dosage is 70ml, yet I frequently use as little as 40ml even with very hard water(18gpg), with great results.

Ironically, the universal powder seems to dissolve in any temperature. However, I only use it on my whites due to the fact that it has brightener and o2 bleach.

I have been using all Persil products for years and swear by them! Despite the little annoyance with Megaperls Color not dissolving, I would rather wash my dark clothes in warmer temps than use anything else, ever!

Just throwing out my 2 cents.

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