Wireless remote for existing ceiling can lights

NashvilleKitJune 26, 2014

I have a room with several ceiling can floodlights (currently incandescent, prob going to LED soon). They are all on one circuit controlled by two switches (one a dimmer) at either end of the room (i.e. a 3-pole setup). I want to have a battery-operated remote control that can switch the lights off or on.

I want to use it where I have a line-of-sight to the dimmable switch but not the other wall switch. I don't care about dimming the lights with the remote. I've looked on the 'Net at Lutron and Heathco products but I can't figure out if they'll do the job. I'm a good electrician and am willing to replace both switches if I need to. Just need some guidance and/or reviews of others who have done this.

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Caseta switches would work

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I cannot find how the Lutron Caseta system can help me.

To be clear, I do NOT want to give up either of the in-wall switch functions. I want to ADD a third function - the remote control. I have looked at the Lutron product, but it instructs me to replace not only one of the 3-way switches but BOTH. And I end up with the remote "glued" to one of the in-wall switch locations.

I want both switches to operate in the conventional manner AND be able to use the remote anywhere else in the room to turn the lights on or off. I'm certainly willing to replace the current technology at both "ends" of the 3-pole setup, but I do not want the remote being one of the 2 "ends." I want it in my hand, so to speak.

Does anyone know of a product to do this? Or have I missed something with the Caseta product line?

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Did you look at the following?

Here is a link that might be useful: caseta

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I think now I get it. It's not exactly what's in the install instructions but I can adapt from the explanation for a 3-switch (4-pole) situation. At one of my two 3-way switches, I replace the switch with the caseta dimmer tying the two "traveler" wires together. At the other switch, I just tie the two traveler wires to the single load (or hot) wire and install what I have termed the "glued" remote. Then I implement a "floating" remote for my "in-hand" switch. Kind of like the 4-pole example except that one of the switches is "in my hand." Sound right?

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Yes, that sounds right. You could have 1 pico control embedded in the wall and another floating since the pico control is the device that remembers which switch it controls.

Alternatives could involve
1. An alarm system - Alarm.com or SimpliSafe controlling lights.

Alarm.com and SimpliSafe utilize z-wave, so you could have 2 z-wave switches in the wall and a key fob that turns the lights on/off. The downside is that z-wave may have the reliable performance you desire.

2. A RadioRA2 starter kit. (3. Professionally installed Control4 or RadioRA2 (starter kit to full blown)

4. Wifi controlled bulbs - LiFX or Hue. This could be impractical and is definitely costly since the bulbs are always powered even when not lit.

I'd recommend that you think about what else you'd like to automate as
1. Caseta switches cannot be added directly to a RadioRA2 controller if you decide to install Lutron's full blown HA system.
2. Things will get complicated and probably expensive quickly regardless of which option you pick (excluding the forget about it option).

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I saw that works on wireless technology, it works on the latest technology based on voice recognization technology from a famous voice recognization technology company. It is having many features that are very beneficial for lighting the house. By these light you can create your own trigger, you can set vocca automatically to switch on when you want to wake up and turn off at bed time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vocca Magic Word

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