Countertop Screwup + soapstone question

cam349January 13, 2014

So I have a large kitchen remodel and I was at the stage of getting the counters in. Soapstone on the perimeter with a large quartzite island top. I received a message today that they made and error while cutting the soapstone and half my slab is now unusable. They do not have any more from my lot (I have had my slab reserved for 1 1/2 years). They have one that is close to matching and when oiled I shouldn't be able to tell. However I am not planning to oil it all the time - see picture. The other option is to select from a different lot, but they only have small slabs (so more seams) and the color is lighter with beige veins (not what I want). I have come to the conclusion they will have to install my island and the perimeter will be plywood until they get in some soapstone I like (I may have plywood for quite some time). I guess I should get my money back for the perimeter counter (I've already paid in full).

For the soapstone people out there - I have a 2" bumpout at my cooktop and they said the smallest corner radius possible is 1.8". I want something more square. They said they could do that, but it would have to be cut by hand and it would not look perfectly straight and the stone would feel wavy. Anyone have experience with this?

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Sorry to hear your situation. I've been reading GW kitchens just over a year now, and I am amazed by the number of fabrication and install issues people report. How do these fabricators stay in business? It seems there are many "mistakes" made either templating, (or lack of), fabricating, and or installing... Anyway, hold out for the stone you want, although paying in full up front does not give you much leverage :( hope you get it resolved soon!
As to your question on the inside corner radius, here's one on my counter that is almost square, maybe a 1/8" radius at most, so it can be done... Soapstone is like wood, if the corner is not smooth, it can be sanded until it is

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Sophie Wheeler

I'm confused. If what your pic is is what they are proposing, then what don't you like about it? It seems perfectly lovely. As far as the radius goes, you really don't want under 3/4" as that makes a stressed point that is more prone to cracking.

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I think you're over-worrying; the picture looks perfectly fine to me.

These guys are profiling this stone with a CNC machine and their tooling limits the size of the radius they can cut. A competent fabricator should be able to make a 3/4" radius (I'd go no smaller) that is indistinguishable from the CNC profile, especially in soapstone.

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I would be happy with a 3/4" or even 1" radius at the corners. But they say they can only do an almost 2" radius and on the 2" bumpout that bugs me - it looks "swoopy" and undefined if that makes sense.

Also the reason I don't like the new replacement piece is because it has a touch of green in it with more beige in the veins. If I can see that in the small picture then I'll really notice it with the full size counters.

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I understand your disapointment in the soapstone mishap especially since you have had the slab on hold for so long. It took me a year and a half to find the counters I wanted and I lived with plywood countertops for a few months waiting for the install. It wasn't a hardship. My husband bought laminated plywood that had black laminate on one side. It wasn't much more than regular plywood and it gave a more finished look to the counter and was easy to wipe clean.

I looked at several different soapstones until I found the one I wanted and I was prepared to wait until the right one came along.

Don't settle just to get the job finished.

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