What Kelvin should I use in the Kitchen.

ussmcdonaldJune 23, 2014

I am putting led downlights in my kitchen. I am looking at the CR6-800L. The question is what Kelvin temp should I get. My wife likes the "White" , so I was looking at the 800L-40K is that going to look ok with Coconut white cabinets and dark Hickory floors? When you Dim the LED lights does the Kelvin change?

Also, who is the vender of Choice for the CR6?


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Unlike incandescent bulbs, the color does not change.

Most will get the HD version of the CR6.

I have bought stuff from polar-ray.com

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I only saw they carried the 65W version I was looking at getting the 90W 800 Lumens, I am just not sure if it is worth the money to go with the higher output. My wife doesn't want it too yellow either. That is why I was wondering how the 4000K would look like.

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Although I don't have any CREEs, I do have Lighting Science lights in 4000k. IMO, 4000k looks very nice, much nicer than 5000k (I have some Phillips Br30s in 5000k).

If you want to hedge your bets, you could try 3500k. Even better yet, doesn't Polar Ray have a great return policy? Why not order a few examples to try out, and return the ones you don't want before placing your order for the remaining lights?

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2700k is warm white.
3200 - 3500k would more closely resemble halogen light output
4000k is whiter.
5000k and above is sunlight white.

The Cree CR6 data sheets has more information on spacing and the output in foot candles which would help you decide whether to use higher or lower output versions.

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I have a lot of the 2700 CR6 (HD version) in our basement, and they really don't look yellow to me at all. I love their color, actually. Very clear and crisp, but not blue at all. I will use the same color in the 800 lumen ones (so sad can't get them cheap like the 575 lumen ones!) in our 10 ft and 9 ft ceilings and then use the 575s for our 8 ft ceilings. (Our electrician has convinced me to go with the higher output ones for the higher ceilings . . . you do save a good bit by having to use fewer fixtures, so that helps offset the cost . . . or so I tell myself)

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