Antique Chandelier?

mystic47June 26, 2010

This is my first post on here so I hope I am doing it right and the photo isn't too large.

I bought a furnished house and the previous owner seemed to buy very good furniture. Ex - Century Sobota, Jordan Brown outdoor etc. She had this chandelier, I would assume for many years and I would like to sell it.

How can I tell if it's an expensive one or not? Can anyone help. I would not charge extra for the dirt:))


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Yikes - the picture is huge - is there a way I can move this to antiques?

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You have a nice but not what I would call fancy chandelier that appears to be single tier 8 lights. I doubt this is an antique - maybe 20 years old? That basic style is widely available new from lighting shops, box stores, etc. For a market value you should look through closed auctions on Ebay. Look at Craigs list with the understanding that not everything sells for listed price.

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