NYTimes: A paella contest between friends

jkom51July 16, 2013

This was a great read, and the photos will make one hungry, LOL! They give the recipes for both paellas, as well as the rose sangria that everybody got snockered on. I'm actually not a paella fan, but my spouse loves it:

Here is a link that might be useful: Paella: land versus sea

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Sounds fun. I'm wondering about the (currently) only comment on the article, "The rice concoctions described in this article are not paella." Wish they would have expanded on that. Anyone?

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That was a strange comment. And unnecessary. Traditional recipes always have variations based on, not only income, but geographically if you are coastal or inland. They did wait for the rice to crackle leaving it undisturbed.
It looks so good but i prefer a mixed seafood fish stew, brothy, with a nice crusty bread, sometimes adding spicy sausage. It's the sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the rice to burn i can't take...i'm just way too forgetful and multi-tasking to add cooking stress to my game. : )

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Loved that article. Well written and I felt like I was there.

It got answered if you want to go back FOAS :)

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Thanks Robin - I just read through the responses and maybe I missed something because I'm multitasking but I don't see the answer. I see a lot of opinions about which proteins are traditional, etc. which I'd probably attribute more to regional differences or more likely "how my abuelita makes it" but not something that specifically defines the dish.

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You see the answer. The person answered that the ingredients were wrong, I think. Something along the lines of, you may have a Philly Cheesesteak (how do you spell that!) replacing the meat with tofu, and it may taste good, but it's not really a Cheese"steak". Which, I think, they were being petty. The distinction/comparison with ingredients/chili is made throughout the article. If it's true, then I disagree with the comment.

Well for me, it's BBQ where I argue. I don't see dry rub without the sauce (Memphis style) being BBQ . Now I won't deny you find it to be BBQ, you can call it that, but I won't see it as such. I'll just see it as "ribs grilled with seasoning", for instance. I may eat it and enjoy it, thouroughly!, but call it BBQ, nope.


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