Do you fear a light or fan fixture falling on you at night?

swampwizJune 26, 2009

Often a bed is placed under a hanging light or fan. I sometimes fear that a fan could somehow come unmoored and fall down on me while I am sleeping - although obviously it could happen when wide awake, but the feeling is that before it would come loose, that it would make some strange sounds, and I could get away.

I've seen some fixtures that are shaped like a cone, such that if it were to come loose, it would be a nice spearing weapon!

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Speaking as an experienced electrician, there should be no reason to fear as long as the mounting of the support box is on solid wood. If you are worried about this, place the closer to the bottom of the bed. If it falls, it is only your feet that would be hurt.

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My fan is at the bottom of the bed. I worry about my cat jumping on me!

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In 43 years in the lighting business, I have never heard of a fixture or fan falling, if they are installed properly.
If you are worried about it, check the installation, and then have a good night's sleeep

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