Can I swag a minichandelier from a wall junction box

annieecampJune 16, 2011

I wanted a special light for my powder room. Can't seem to find what I want for the wall mount box that has put in (new construction). I have found a very cute mini chandelier I would like to hang. Can I mount it to the junction box on the wall and then swag it to the ceiling. Will it look funny and has anyone done this?



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It is technically possible, but there are other considerations which would rule it out. For instance - it would look strange and be potentially unsafe.

Since you will need to install a mounting point in the ceiling that is able to bear the weight of the chandelier, why not put in the necessary wiring and junction box as well? Then you have a nicely mounted chandelier.

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Where is the junction box relative to the vanity/sink/mirror. Depending on the location you might want to consider swagging two small globes or similar. The best solution is to have an electrician install the correct wiring and box for something like a flush mount and/or sconces. I'm concerned about a low hanging chandelier hanging directly over where you would walk. Open bulbs could be easily damaged. How far off the floor would the bottom of this fixture be.

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