Working on lights now.

bugbiteJune 25, 2009

I am working with my lights now. For my undercabinet lights, I determined which I will get (HD 3 pack 8watts FL 4100k around $28 for three and great light compared to the 7 others I tested.). The stove light (which I hooked up yesterday again after a year being off) can be turned off and on dependently. That's great flexibilty. The other new under cabinet lights also have that option. Wish I could independently flip the light over the sink light off and on. Maybe I will look at a light for over the sink that has a remote dimmer that can be placed lower (like a led light I saw at Lowes). I installed 5" recessed lights last week and put in 23watts CFLs. Great light with a HD n:vision 3500k cfl. For weeks I thought I had to go with the very low light reflector bulbs because of the look. But I don't even see the cfls because they are deep in the fixture and the light is beautiful. TCP (maker of N:vision) has a dimmable 20watt cfl that they say they approve for recessed cans.

HD has a great 5" recessed can which is approved for insulation contact and is airtight. Halo has a great baffle for it. Got Lowes to price match HD and saved $4 each on the baffle. One other pont. Make sure all you lights are about the same Kelvin rating or some will be yellow (2700K) some 3000k (whiter) and some 4100K. All manufacturers don't create colors the same. So just be aware. For a white kitchen I don't want anything else than 3000k. That is what I am working on.


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Tested the leds with dimmer over the sinks. They suk. Back to the drawing board.

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