2 tone cabinets on opposite walls?

island_girl_2January 3, 2012

I'm planning a kitchen remodel. My kitchen isn't that old (2000) but the layout doesn't work for us. It is a farmhouse style - square room with cabinets on 3 different walls and large center area but no island. Because of how many cabinets I have and the fact that they are in perfect condition, we aren't replacing them even though they aren't my preference. We will just moving them around and reorganizing how the space is laid out.

So - all this rearranging leaves us with one wall where we don't have cabinets to put there. This wall isn't connected to any others (doorways on either side). The cabinets have a yellow finish (not lemon yellow more creamy yellow) and they are no longer made so my idea was to get something totally different for this wall - thinking black distressed look. This wall will have the fridge and then approx 50" of cabinets. My husband thinks this will look odd.

I've seen lots of examples of different colored islands or upper/lower combinations but not where one wall is different from the others.

Any opinions or examples of where you have seen this?


Island Girl

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I have a burgundy wall of cabinets in a mostly fir cabinet kitchen. Malhgold has black cabinets with an oak island, and a wall of gray shallow cabinets. Lascatx has a section of blue in an otherwise white kitchen with a cherry (I think) island. There are likely others I'm forgetting to mention. I like this look, and the distressed black with the creamy yellow sounds nice.

Malhgold's is shown in this thread:

Lascatx's blue wall surrounding her fridge is here:

and mine is linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen is shown here

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Thank you so much - wow, how I love your kitchen!!!

Mine is most like yours in style but the link to Lascatx's is very similar to how the wall will look

thanks again - I will show these to dh!

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I have my original cabinets that I painted white. The cabinets we added are stained a dark peppercorn cherry. Take a look:

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How did I miss this post? Your ideas sound wonderful!
I have a few pictures. The trouble is finding images
with both sides or all three sides of the kitchen.
Maybe what I have can be a start and on some free
time I can search for more.

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LOL! Everybody here told me not to do it, but I am anyway! (Mostly because of all the photos I found online.)

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We have all white cabinets on two walls (and a peninsula) and then gray-green cabinets on our fourth wall. Unfortunately I don't have any shots of them together, but here they are separately. They have the same hardware and counters.

Green Pantry / Fridge / Coffee wall:

White other sides, the fridge is to the right in this photo:

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Thats terrible. I wish you luck and lots of success
on doing different woods, colors or styles in your
I hope the pictures inspire to create your dream !

Love everything, especially the open shelves in the
corner, the warm rich wood floors and the rustic
beams along the ceiling. Truly gorgeous.


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Boxer - thank you so much for all the photos - some of those could very well be my inspiration photo (on a much smaller scale and budget ;) ).

Clg7067 - In previous remodels that I've done (2 small scale ones) I've always known we would be moving in 3-4 years so always remodeled with selling in mind. I'm so tired of doing that and ready to do what *I* want vs what a realtor would want to see (beige and boring).

I'm going to post some pics later and let you guys let me know what you think - thanks so much for all of the help this far!

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Hi, Island Girl. You've got a lot of great examples of successful use of different colored cabinetry on different walls. One thing, I think, that makes them work is that the different colored cabinets are treated as a separate unit...sort of a single piece of furniture, even it's actually a group of uppers and lowers. And if cabinets of two different colors abut one another, there's a difference in height or depth or counter height or countertop or style (or some combination) that again gives the impression of separate pieces of furniture. Done right, as the pictures above show...it can be a fabulous.

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Hi Island Girl - I'm curious to see if you used different cabinets on your one wall in your kitchen. I am thinking of doing the same thing.... currently have maple cabinets that are decent and don't wish to change out, but in order to change the configuration of the kitchen, we will need to reuse the cabinets over by the fridge, leaving that wall with no cabinets. We are in the same situation with the cabinet maker - they still make the style but the stain is way different. So, I'm now thinking of adding in cream distressed cabinets there (style is the same as my others), which would match a very narrow cream-painted island that we are building ourselves. Any suggestions or pictures? I'm worried my kitchen will look like we couldn't decide between cream and wood, so we split it down the middle (it will be cream on the one wall, cream narrow island, then wood on the other wall). Thank you for any and all advice, and pictures!

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