Halogen or Incandes. Outdoor Flood Lights

hooked1June 18, 2009

I need to purchase 3 sets of flood lights (2 bulbs each) for (mostly) the back yard of my new construction. They will illuminate a pool and pool deck area and a driveway. The only halogens that I have used are on a 500 watt work light which is absolutely blinding. I would like to know if halogen would work well for my flood lights or if I should stick with the standard incandescents. I don't want people squinting at get togethers but I want ample lighting.

They will be mounted approx. 13 feet off the ground.


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Halogens are good. They use less energy and last longer than incandescent. You can find exterior flood lights at 50 watts or 100 watts. Both of those should work fine.

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Halogen is an incandescent light source.
You will get much better light output and control by using 45 watt or 90 watt halogen flood lamps, but I would use a spot type beam spread, as oppased to a flood type beam spread,when mounted at 13'.
It will drive much more light down to your ground

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I am looking at some fixtures that utilize (2) 150W PAR38/R40 bulbs. Can halogen bulbs be used in this fixture as long as they do not exceed 150 watts? Is glare more of an issue with the Halogens?

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I would use 90par38/SP, which is a 90 watt halogen spot.
There is less glare with a PAR lamp , than the 300w or 500watt halogen lamps you were using, as the PAR lamp is more directional, and sends more light onto the ground.

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For all night security floods in one area I use a compact fluorescent double flood that are something less than 20 watts = 75par's,, they had an equal to 150par's too. Amazing ... they last forever it seems - and don't much to burn.

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Remember, at night any light is going to be much brighter than you normally experience.
For example, I use 2 * 75 watt halogen bi pin motion sensor lights. The fixture is about 13' up. Now I have a small back yard. But the immediate vicinity around the house (about 15' from the wall the light is mounted to) is lit up wonderfully.
As long as you don't go higher than the socket rating, just play around with different wattages to see what you like.

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