Can you suggest a fixture for this look? Kitchen

emily_mbJune 12, 2010

I want to put the ceiling kitchen lights in a "channel" and if at all possible place them in pairs or triples. I also want the lights to be small, somewhat recessed/low profile, and powerful enough so that the strip over the counter is strong enough for the tasks. I prefer LED. The height of the kitchen is about 7'8"

Any suggestions that will cost less than a whole kitchen remodel? Oh, and how many do I need over a 5 foot long counter?

If my links work, below are some examples of "channels."

Thank you!

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The first is a trough in the ceiling with low voltage lighting - probably the 2 wire kind. You need to frame the ceiling for that first.
The size of the light depends on the depth of the trough.

The second is surface mounted track lighting.

Alternately, you could use LED strips.

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Suspended track lighting with upward facing fluorescent

Cable lighting

Or if you do create a shallow trough in the ceiling, you could put in a string of PAR30 LED lights.

The total number is dependent on the amount of light desired per sq foot and the light output per light.

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