Could Charlie's Soap be weakening fabric?

eligainOctober 12, 2013

I started using Charlie's Soap (both powder and liquid) (mostly liquid) since we first got our front load LG in 1996 and I have noticed my clothes and other washables wearing out prematurely and fabric becoming so weak it just tears. At first I blamed the front load washer even though they keep saying that front loaders are gentler on clothes, but now I wonder if it's the detergent and since I've been only using Charlie's I have to wonder about it. We never had this problem with our top loader and I never used Charlie's in the top loader, only Tide and Cheer.

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I have had a FL machine about the same amount of time
as you. Have not noticed premature weakening.
In fact, just the opposite.
Since I can now select the appropriate cycle for the various
fabrics, I think my clothes are lasting longer.
I have used various detergents.

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THe main problem I'm seeing is that the cloth the clothes are made from seems much thiner and cheaper.
I can go to the store and put my fingers under a T-shirt and see through it. jeans don't seem as thick as the used to. I think this is the real problem. with clothes wearing out sooner than previous.

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I agree about some clothes and fabrics now being cheaper but I am noticing very hardy fabrics breaking down faster than they did before I was using a front load washer or Charlie's Soap. Thick jeans for instance, good sheets. Me and my mother bought sheet sets about 7 to 8 years ago and hers are still looking good (she still uses a top loader and Tide. Mine have since disintegrated and I have had sheets last me 20 years or more before! So something is happening since I got this LG 2277 front loader.

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Don't know much about Charlie's Soap, never used it ... but vaguely recall that a large proportion of the formula is washing soda(?), which can be harsh.

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It is the Charlie's in my opinion. I had the same issues when I started using it. Almost pure washing soda in that concentrated pool of water at the bottom of your washer seems harsh to me. In my opinion, Charlie's does nothing to protect colors or any fabrics in the wash.

Yes, clothing and such are not made like they used to be. You definitely get what you pay for these days!

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