Low Voltage U/C Wiring Help (also posted in Electrical Wiring)

monkeystomachJune 13, 2011

I need a lot of help with this under cabinet lighting system I am trying to plan.

I have so many questions I really do not know where to start so I will try to explain and hopefully my very crude drawing will help.

I would like a low voltage linear under cabinet lighting system like these from Sea Gull (http://www.seagulllighting.com/Linear-Lighting.htm).

I have two separate runs of cabinet that are both in the kitchen, but I would not be able to hide the low voltage cable if I ran it from one set of cabinets to the other.

So my questions are as followed:

1. Can place the transformer in the crawlspace under the kitchen?

2. Can I branch off of the transformer with two branches using NM cable to run the low voltage current in the walls to the cabinets?

3. Can I directly wire the 120v 15a circuit into the transformer without using a switch? (I do not want to clutter the backsplash/walls with switches)

4. Can I use some sort of small in-line low voltage dimmer in a junction box under my cabinets and then convert the NM cable to the low voltage cable?

5. Can I use the transformer as a junction box under my house to also connect my current overhead lighting?



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The transformer should be in an accessible location.

There should be a switch between the 120V line and the transformer. You really don't want to have the transformer being fed electricity all the time.

Using the transformer as a junction box is not the best idea. In other words, probably no.

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