New member, question about Daewoo

LizBotOctober 29, 2012

Hello. :) I just joined after reading a rather... rousing... thread about European vs. American laundry appliances. I was searching for some information after visiting the appliance store today and it seems you have many knowledgeable people here.

I am interested in a front loading washer/dryer combo on sale for about $1000. They are by Daewoo -- and are apparently not being sold in the U.S. anymore after they are gone due to tariffs or some other ridiculous bureaucratic reason. Since they had just arrived in this store a month ago and are being discontinued already, it is difficult to find any information.

I do like the look of the advanced controls for temperature and longer cycle times (especially after reading about the differences in washing whites in a European machine). However, this model may not be as much like the European machines as I would hope -- and I would rather not think I'm snagging a great deal for 50% off and find I actually just bought a trussed up version of what I already own. This set has some "Steam" and "Sanitary" settings I am not familiar with; this makes me nervous that it's simply fluff to distract me.

I know the Daewoo may not be particularly high end, but I am saving up for a 4 bedroom home and have a family of 5 to do laundry for. I want clean laundry that my current super-cheap Inglis set can't deliver... without breaking the bank. Hopefully someone here knows a little about these machines!

Thanks so much in advance. I'm very excited to find a place with people who love clean laundry as much as I do (most people around here just find me strange). :)

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Daewoo is a big Korean company with a checkered past. Check out the Wikipedia article about them for some interesting reading.

I don't think anyone on this forum would recommend you buy a W/D that is not being sold anymore from a questionable company that does not have a US presence. Most of the reviews of their washers are from Australia. You may be on your own if you buy it.

A safer bet may be to look for a floor model or scratch/dent set that is on sale from a "normal" brand like Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, etc. At least you know it can be fixed if it breaks.

Good luck with your shopping.

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What Oregpsnow said, you will need to buy from a company that can provide service and parts if something breaks. Even if you can fix things yourself, if you can't get the parts then you got big troubles. Getting bright whites can be accomplished without the boil washes that the European front loaders provide. In fact many of the Euro machines don't provide for boil washes anymore in order to save energy. Hope this helps.

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