P & G Making Changes Again to Powder Detergent

geguymwOctober 18, 2011

I happen to be at a Walmart last week and noticed that the boxes of powder Gain detergent has changed. No, not the amount per use, but the amount in the box. Instead of an 80 load box, you will get a 68(?) load box. I believe the 120 load box is the same and cannot confirm the small box load. While at Kmart last week, I noticed it had not filtered down to them yet.

Today, while at a Smart and Final, I noticed they had only one Gain he 80 loads on the shelf. Looking on the overflow top shelf, they had the smaller 68's waiting to stock. The price had even gone up.

I cannot say if they are doing the same thing with Tide or Cheer, but I thought I recalled some boxes of Tide were different at Walmart. I looked at the Gain website and nothing has changed. Tide does not even show the load size on their one site. I might not have looked hard enough.

I think a 12 load decrease is a large amount.

While you are at your local store, check out the load sizes.

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I suppose it's inevitable. Grocery manufacturers have been doing this for several years, reducing sizes while keeping prices the same, then later raising the prices. (sigh)

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Cheer already at Wal Mart in reduced 68 load boxes.

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P&G detergent prices are getting out of hand. I had a coupon for Target Up & Up detergent and it's working just fine at half the cost.

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I have a real problem with P&G. They seem to make the best products (for me) in every catagory and they charge too much. I like Fusion razors, Charmin Ultra, and Tide. I try to get them at the best prices, except for Tide. Too many other pretty good wash products to choose from.

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The only way I afford P & G products is to keep the coupons they put out every month or so...then wait. Usually within a couple of weeks you can find them on sale someplace, if not, hang on to the coupons there will be a sale eventually. Then, and only then, combine the coupon with the sale and you can find some killer deals. If you can, get copies of those coupons from your friends and family and if you find a great sale someplace buy out the store. Toilet paper never goes bad. Don't be fooled into using the coupon without the sale though, or you will still pay too much. I too love Charmin, Tide and hubby likes the fusion razors.

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