older Asko or newer Miele washing machine

iheartlaundryOctober 3, 2011

I am torn between an older 220v Asko model (W6164) that I just found on Craigslist or a new Miele that would only be a 110v. I really want a 220v to be able to wash with high temp washes...but am afraid I will be disappointed in not going with a Miele since they have such a great reptutation for washing clothes so gently and for lasting so long.

Hoping to get feedback from someone who has owned an older(220v) and newer(110v) Miele. Are you as happy with the performance of the newer model?

And as much as I would love a Little Giant...the price point is just too high for me:(


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"....able to wash with high temp...."

If your idea of "high temp" is above 155-160F, your choice will be limited to 220v machines.

If you want to be able to personally select a particular temperature in a cycle as opposed to selecting whatever the mfgr's euphemism for a cycle may be, you're almost limited to Miele. Almost everybody else offers only "cold"/"warm"/"hot" as selections available but they DO NOT tell you what they mean by those words. For example, my Duet 9400 set on "hot" in a cycle that doesn't utilize the on-board heater actually delivers 100-105F max during the wash. That's not what I call "hot". I do have two cycles available that deliver actual temp of 127F and another that goes to 157F but I had to call and badger the phone-tech in order to be advised what those temps actually were. Be sure you know what your machine will actually deliver.

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