help me gauge what the lighting salesperson told us

kate38June 7, 2011

We met with our builder's recommended salesperson in her showroom to discuss lighting for our new build. She told us two things that confused me. First is that we should put a flush mount in the foyer because there isn't enough height for a chandelier. The ceiling is 9'. Then we said we wanted lighting in the master bath for our aging eyes so we can see to shave or put on makeup. We read that lighting on both sides of the mirror, plus overhead lighting, is best. She said we didn't need side lighting (or sconces) at the mirror's sides because it wouldn't help, and that all we need is a 3 or 4-light bar over the mirror. What do you think of her advice?

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Was she thinking about the grand chandeliers used in ballrooms?

There are others who would recommend using sconces in the bathroom to properly illuminate the mirror. You can check out the robern website for ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: robern lighting

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I think you should be able to have something hang. My foyer is tiny and I only have 8' ceilings, but I still was able to get what is probably considered a semi-flush - it hangs down about 12". (No one taller than 7' has ever visited us). You should have much more leeway than that. Just make sure the chandelier isn't in the way when the door opens.

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