My Freecycle Items today.... (pic heavy)

jasdipJuly 24, 2012

I got gifted 3 skillets and 2 cookie sheets from Freecycle. I thought worse case, if they were crap, I'd sell them for scrap. Well I am a happy camper.

The non-stick is a Lagostina, and the weight of the 2 stainless ones shocked me. Look at the bottom of them!

A bit of cleaning with barkeeper's friend and they'll be as good as new.

I don't have any of the rimless cookie sheets, so these will be new for me. I can picture the cookies and biscuits sliding off and onto the bottom of the oven though.

The one I think is one of those air-cushioned ones. It feels and looks weird.

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Very nice! Freecycle is a great way for people with too much stuff as well as people with too little. I was on it for a while but the volume of emails was overwhelming.

Have fun!


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Good haul!
I am an avid Freecycler as I am trying to get rid of TMS. I am freecycling stuff this week and the postings have diminished to a trickle; nothing like in the past. Not to be a snob, but often the recipients of my items don't have an appreciation for or knowledge of the quality of some things like your nice pans.

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Good find. I have never had any luck with FS but have had with Craigslist. Both giving and receiving.

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Craigslist doesn't go over here, like it does in the U.S.
I've had very good luck with Freecycle; both giving and receiving.

Hubby just asked me, why she was getting rid of her pans. I just wonder whether she couldn't be bothered cleaning them, or she just had no idea of the good pans that she had.

Here they are cleaned up. I had no idea the Kirkland one had copper in it.

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They're beautiful!


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I have the Kirkland set. See the link below for details. I bought the set to use with our new induction cooktop. They are solid performers - a good weight, decent thermal conduction and they clean up nicely as you've already discovered.


Here is a link that might be useful: Kirkland pots

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Wow, what did you clean them with?

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Everyone raves about Barkeepers Friend. I have never seen it in our area before, thinking it was a US thing. Lo and behold, Home Hardware had the powder on sale a while back. Rushed out to get it, and that's what I used.

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Good deal, Jasdip! I like those kind of cookie sheets too.
They are the insulated ones, aren't they?

One of my pet peeves is people who let stuff build up on their cookware. A lot of my cookware I bought used, so I had to clean it up too.

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Nice haul. I bet the owner had no idea how good they are. I wonder if they were cleaning out a house and just wanting to "get rid" of stuff.

I just gave away an exercise bike for free via Craigslist. No one will pay for those things. I was happy to see it go and the new owners were happy to have it.

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I don't understand how so much gunk gets on the bottom of pans. I guess it's gas burners?

The Lagostina I've got in the scrap-metal pile. Even though the interior isn't chipped, it's completely lost the non-stick, and everything I've tried, sticks like crazy. It's not worth the aggravation to keep it, when I've got good pans.

Here's an enamelled skillet I picked up a few months ago.
That could only come clean using oven cleaner.

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Holy sparkles!

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