Country style shoulder bone-in pork ribs

countrygal_905July 2, 2012

I am considering grilling country style pork ribs for Sunday dinner. We have between 20-25 most Sundays for dinner. It has been really hot and I want to only use the grill and not precook in the oven. I have never done that before. What temperature should I grill them at and approx. how long will it take? Thanks so much for your help.

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How much time do you have? LOL!
they will be fabulous grilled as low as you can go for about 4 hours....with some source of damp wood chips in a semi closed container.
Or you could cook for a shorter time at a higher temp.
They are done when tender. if the rest of the stuff isn't ready, spritz with sauce and wrap in foli and keep warm at the edge of the grill.

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Interesting, years ago a butcher told me that shoulder chops made the best grilled pork because of the layers of fat marbled through the meat. Although your quantities are large why wouldn't grilling them according to thickness give you a good product?

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They cook pretty quick compared to other style ribs. I did them in the oven for a couple of hours before putting them on the grill and they pretty much fell apart! You could do them at a low heat for 2 hours grill only and they would be delish. . They make great pulled pork too-tastier than the shoulder in my opinion:)

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Thanks so much for the responses. They are on sale here this week so I think that will be the meat for Sunday dinner. Does low heat mean around 250 or higher than that?

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Personally, I wouldn't go higher than 250ð or lower than 200ð. I use my Nesco Roaster for boneless country style ribs and use about 200ð-225ð, give them a rub, wrap them in foil and a little moisture of some type, whether it be BBQ sauce, beer (usually), root beer, Dr. Pepper, wine, Teriyaki sauce or whatever you happen to like. I often brown them a bit in the convection oven but it's not required.

The BBQ Pit Boys like to simmer them in beer, onion and BBQ sauce then they crisp them up on the grill after they're cooked.

Here is a link that might be useful: BBQ Pit Boys

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I agree....low for me is about boiling point...212 if you can be that exact....otherwise just a little over 200.

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