Would one low voltage MR16 equal one 75 watt incandescent?

saydeJune 19, 2010

We have track lighting in the kitchen with a total of eight cans, each with a 75 watt incandescent flood. We plan to replace the cans with low voltage MR 16 fixtures. To get the same amount of light do I need eight fixtures as we have now, or more? fewer?

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That depends on the type of lighting used and the light output per lamp.
Low voltage does not necessarily mean low power consumption and high light output.

Assuming you use MR16 Halogen such as the Solux, each bulb would consume between 35 - 40W and provide up to a 36 degree field of illumination.

Most LED MR16 bulbs will consume There are some that do provide greater light output.

You will need to get the various data sheets and do the conversion between candela , lumens, lux in order to get a decent comparison.

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A 75W incandescent light probably can output ~ 1000 lumens. The can itself will detract from that output (10 - 20% ?)

For halogen, probably a ratio of 2 :1 ie - 2x as many.

For LED, could be 2x to 4x, depending on the lamp.

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