LED Undercabinet lighting

benklesJune 22, 2010

I know there have been several discussions on this topic, but I haven't seen answers to everything I'm wondering. I have installed 4" recessed cans in my kitchen and plan to use "warm white" CFLs with 2700 K. I am shopping for LED undercabinet strip lighting (the flexible strips preferably, not the bars) and am generally finding 3000 K.

The kitchen has very little natural light, but we are brightening it up with light counters and backsplash.

*Will the difference in color (2700 K vs. 3000 K) be noticeable in a bad way?

*How many lumens should I aim for as undercabinet task lighting?

*Any specific companies/websites you can recommend from experience with these products?

*Anything else I need to know that I'm not asking?

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I would go for something between 20 - 30 lumens per sq foot. Take a look at what environmentallights has to offer for warm white LED bars (just to see if the look is ok).

Is there any particular reason to avoid the bars?

The aluminium bar backing serves as a heat sink and provides rigidity to an otherwise flexible and possibly fragile pcb.

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