Undercabinet lighting help please. LED specifics:

newly_suburbanJune 1, 2009

Hi all,

We are in the midst of our kitchen remodel (eg electrician is in this week working on all of it and I didn't know the undercab question was such a big deal)

I have spent some hours here reading all the posts on the topic, but still have some queries (please correct me if I am wrong on any of this)

My initial conclusions are:

Halogen: too hot

Xenon: nice light, more efficient, but maybe still too hot

Fluorescent: energy efficient (our KD likes them, our general contractor hates them, dh must have energy efficiency)

LED: pricey but energy efficient, seems to satisfy all of us

So I am pretty much set on LED and had a few questions:

1) Are LED undercab lights high or low voltage? this is the only question the electrician wants answered today (high or low, ma'am?).

2) Are LED bright enough for task lighting?

3) I do not need dimmers, but would not mind a high or low switch on each, is this possible? I was planning to put half of them on one wall switch the other half on another (I'd put them all together, but likely to prep only on one side of the kitchen).

4) Which brand, have people been happy with? What specs (e.g. lumens etc) should I look for.


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Be careful with the LED product on the market.
Most of the product available is junk and the light output is terrible.
LED 's use the same technology as the old fluorescents, very blue and cold.
The best LED pucks I have used are the new Kichler product,which by the way has a high-low switch option.They are very expensive, approximately $50 par unit, including driver, transformer, and harnesses.
They are 24v and use 3w of LED.The light ouutput is excellent, with a 3000K rating

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Well, let's not get too carried away. ;)
There is junk out there. But many of the LED options are good. You just have to make sure you're getting them from a place which knows what they're doing.

Color temperatures have come down and are wonderful. And LEDs definitely do not use the same technology as old fluorescents. Light color does not equal similar technology.

Kichler makes some great LEDs. But so do Color Kinetics, CSL and and others which we've used for clients.

So in other words, if the price is in your budget, LEDs are a fantastic way to go. And in many applications pay for themselves in a reasonable amount of time.

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