Monorail tall ceilings, aircraft cable and swinging

drtechnoJune 24, 2010

Hi all

We will have 20 ft ceilings and are hanging down a monorail over a kitchen island from this height with aircraft cable. I think the drop is going to be ~13ft (so 7ft monorail height).

If we send the cables straight up, we are worried we will get swinging if there is any wind or air motion in the room. (the monorail is a square arrangement, maybe 5 ft x 4 ft) Anyone have experience with this?

If we send the aircraft cable up at an angle of 5-10 degrees of vertical, sort of like a chandelier, we should eliminate any sway, correct? But it wont look as 'nice' as straight vertical cables, corret?

Any advice appreciated.

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You're still going to have a solid post as the power drop for it. I wouldn't be worried about it. Hanging straight will be fine as long as you don't have a fan blowing direction on it or big gusts of wind.

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