cree lr6 vs lr4

judi82June 6, 2010

I thought I was sold on the LR6 cans for my kitchen until I went to a lighting store yesterday and was told that I should purchase LR4 cans because they "look nicer." The sales person told me that the light going straight down from the LR4 was brighter than the LR6 but that when the angle is increased, the LR6 is brighter. She said that I would need the same number of cans, regardless of whether I purchase the LR6 or LR4.

I've looked at the photometry diagram for these two lights in the CREE catalog. I'm not sure that I know how to read it, or whether I'm even looking at the right information, but it looks like the LR6 is brighter at every angle.

I agree with the sales person that a smaller can looks better, but I also need good light in the kitchen. Can someone give me some advice on this issue? This subject is far too complex for me.

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The cr4 lights cost more. Apart from that, it's apersonal choice.

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The LR4 according to the specifications is somewhat dimmer. In reality, it would be hard to distinguish using the human eye since there will be a number of recessed can lights (all of the same type) that will be used in unison.

If you are able to have 2 identical rooms side by side with the same number of lights, the difference could be noticeable.

With regards to the diagrams, the scale on the left is the max output. The degrees represented (counter-clockwise) from the bottom is the viewing location.
0- looking straight at the LED
90 - looking at the side of the LED

The LR4 has a narrower angle since the LEDs are more recessed than the LR6.

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