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ImaCurvyGrrlJune 13, 2011

Hi, we're trying to finalize electrical and lighting, and we're telling our builder that we want LED recessed lights in our kitchen (but it's so expensive, says electrician! --sigh--).

I know we want the Cree CR6 for our 6 cans in the kitchen. We're undecided about our library because DH wants "directional" cans of some kind and I don't like those eyeball type recessed. Any suggestions for LED recessed in that vein?

But really, my question pertains to our bathrooms. We're getting recessed lights in each of our showers at the electrician's recommendations. I still want LED recessed, so what are our options? The CR6 says "damp rated", but at the very least, our master is going to have a hand sprayer. Our ceiling is 9' high. Can we use CR6 or do we need to do something else? What are our options?


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The only advantage of the expensive LED lights is less energy use over a long enough time period that there is actually a cost savings. But the shower light is used for so little time that the pay back period would probably be too long to matter.

I don't like to put low voltage halogen or LED near a mirror. It's better to look good than to feel good. Perhaps the shower is OK if you use it alone.

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Thanks, Renovator8. The LED lights in the bathroom would be over the shower, so it won't be near the mirror. We'll have regular vanity lights for that!

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We are in the same situation - right now focusing our LED lights on the Kitchen, Great Room, and our Entry & Hall way - we may add the Living room.

Other than that we will use a mix of FL and Halogen everywhere else.

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Thanks, Sean! I've put those in my shopping cart for my master bath shower and over my tub (in the same room). That way I have no worries about the inspectors.

We're still "talking" with the electrician about our library, since we can't decide what to do in there because DH wants to "light" the bookshelves but putting a bunch of 6" cans seems like overkill in the small-ish room. We were trying to do 4" but the electrician doesn't seem inclined to help us do anything outside of standard incandescent cans from his supplier. That means doing our own research to match his cans to our LED options and apparently I don't speak "electrician" talk! :)

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The AllPro (or something like that) recessed LED module that HD sells is similar to the Cree CR6 and is rated for wet locations (i.e. over shower or tub), although it's a bit more expensive and cooler white than the CR6 or incandescent bulbs.

I would just go with a conventional recessed shower light from Progress, Lightolier, Halo, or other recessed-lighting manufacturer with a plastic or glass lens cover that takes an incandescent bulb. But instead put in a LED bulb, one of those that's shaped like a conventional incandescent light bulb but shines mostly in one direction, with a heat sink on the side closer to the screw-in base. These bulbs are relatively inexpensive - Lowes has one they often sell for $10 (Utilitech Pro 7.5 watt 338802)
that's brighter than the 40w equivalent they claim (I have several). Similar bulbs are sold at Home Depot (Philips or EcoSmart, the latter actually made by Lighting Science) for under $20. Some of these are dimmable, including the Lowe's bulb. These bulbs throw all of their light in the right direction (downward) when placed in a shower light.

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Home Depot's Commercial Electric LED recessed modules also look good and are wet-location rated - CER473WH (4", $35) should do, or you can go with their larger, brighter cousins CER673WH (5" or 6", $40) or CER673BN (brushed nickel instead of white, 5 or 6", $45). They are dimmable, 3000K bright white. Just get one of these and an appropriate recessed can housing and you're set.

Don't see any obvious reason to go with the aforementioned, much more expensive All-Pro they also sell, which has similar specs as the CER673WH.

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"the CR6 is technically a UL 'damp rated' product which means that it can deal with condensation from damp locations."

Listings like "damp rated" only address safety, not operating life.

I would really doubt the unit is sealed well enough to keep out moisture, and it is liable to kill the power supply in short order.

Commercial products rarely have conformal coating on their circuit boards, leading to short life if condensation forms on the board.

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