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bus_driverJune 28, 2014

The first LEDs for general lighting at my house are 4 of Sharp DL-L09A1928A, 9.2 watts, 600 lumens, 40,000 hour life, 3 year limited guarantee, not dimmable, made in China. The lamp was in Sharps commercial/industrial line. I like them very much. The Sharp lights instantly when power is applied.
In use now for some 3-4 years. One has now failed at what I estimate at 4000-4500 hours of use. Cannot find this lamp offered for sale by any online vendor. Bought mine at Ollies, a closeout store, for $9.99 each.
The base of the failed lamp, which presumably encloses the driver, gets warm even though the lamp does not produce light. The warmth approaches the level of discomfort to the hand.
Since I wanted them to match in that (not enclosed) fixture, now am using 4 of LG (Korea) Item#593260, 7.5 watts, 485 lumens, not dimmable, 30,000 hours. Similar in size and shape to the Sharp, perhaps slightly greater bulk. The 24 listed cautions on the LG package are in very fine print. Examples: #4. Do not touch the lamp with hands. #11. Do not touch the product with wet hands.
The claimed 486 lumens of the LG seems not very different from the claimed 600 lumens of the Sharp. The LG has a delay of perhaps 1/4 second from "flipping the switch" until light is produced.

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My ceiling cans work great. They take pretty much 0 energy. They dim fine. I'm happy with them.

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