lighting too pink

candfJune 10, 2011

I installed a 48 inch T5 fluorescent light under my cabinet and it is too bright and my tumbled stone back splash has a pink tone to it now instead of the beige color it is. I replaced the 3000K warm bulb it came with with a 4100K cool white and it helped some with the pink but it still way too bright. I tried putting a dark gray window tint inside the fixture but the pink got even worse. Right now I have aluminum foil placed inside the fixture to cut down on the brightness and though it helped with the pink, the color is still not right (plus you can see the foil). Any suggestions so I do not have to replace the light. Money is tight.

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That's a bright undercab light. I don't like them. I like to have the same color temperatures as the main lighting in the room for my undercabs. What is your main light in the kitchen?


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Main light is a ceiling fluorescent. I found online that they sell matrix fluorescent tube guards but only for T8 and T12 bulbs. They are pretty neat as they are covers you just put on the bulb and turn the tube to the correct amount of light that you would like.

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If the fixture has a conventional separate ballast inside, you may be able to replace it with one that has a low ballast factor. That will reduce the output from the lamp by around 10-15%. Talk to some local electrical supply shops - the kind the electricians use, not the big box stores.

Turn off the circuit breaker controlling the fixture. Remove the lamp lens, remove the lamp, and then take off the metal or plastic cover on the fixture to expose its innards. You may have to remove a few screws, or snap some tabs out of slots.

Take a clear, closeup picture of the flat rectangular or square box inside the fixture. It will have wires coming out of it. Take that photo to the electrical supply. Ask them for an equivalent ballast with low ballast factor. You should be able to install it by following the wiring of the original one.

If 10-15% isn't enough light reduction, then I'm afraid you will probably have to get a different fixture. Maybe you can sell this one on Ebay and get part of your money back from it.

In the future, you might consider using a lighting shop for your purchases. Some of them will exchange newly installed lights that are not to your satisfaction. Big Box stores are less likely to do this, but you might still try if you bought the fixture recently.

Hope this helps.

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